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TheWorthington Mall Columbus Dispatch says the sale of the Worthington Square Mall is final.  The mall on W. Wilson Bridge Rd. sold for approximately $6.5 Million according to  Marla Matzer Rose's article titled "Mall's new owner ready to make big changes " 

Big changes like tearing off the roof....  or part of the roof.  The rendering in Columbus Business First was interesting. The Dispatch article talks about making the exterior of the "enclosed  mall more walkable."  That will work if the whole Wilson Bridge Corridor rework goes anywhere.   Offices, businesses to walk to Worthington Square from.   

The malls new owners are Tom Carter of Worthington, and partners. They plan to invest $10 Million in the Worthington Square Mall according to the newspaper article.

The Columbus Dispatch article says of the propored TIF District: 

"Three weeks ago, the Worthington City Council voted to support a tax-increment financing (TIF) district that would aid the developers in renovating the property"

The Columbus Dispatch article says Worthington Square Mall hopes to announce two new restaurants early next year.   It's almost early next year now...  Changes in Worthington

Wilson Bridge Road and Worthington Square Mall

W. Wilson Bridge Road - Worthington history

When Worthington's W. Wilson Bridge Rd. moved -1960s

Wilson Bridge Road Corridor- 2010

Worthington Square Mall- 2008

Worthington - October 24, 1938  E. Wilson Bridge Rd.


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Comment balloon 5 commentsMaureen McCabe • December 22 2010 06:44PM


That's good news.  I know that many of the older malls suffered after the opening of The Mall at Tuttle Crossing and Polaris Fashion Place.  I hated to see City Center close too.  I wish more cities could sustain a downtown mall.

Posted by Rodney Mason, VP of Mortgage Lending - AL, FL, GA, SC, & TN (Guaranteed Rate NMLS# 2611) over 9 years ago

Maureen - hopefully the sale of the mall and new eateries will add to a new vitality to the shopping experience.  Malls, like most of us, would do better to also "think outside the box!"  Have a great holiday season!

Posted by Jack Mossman - The Nines Team at Keller Williams in Lodi, The Nines Team in Lodi (The Nines Team at Keller Williams in Lodi) over 9 years ago

Now Rodney how do you know Tuttle, Polaris?  I think the Worthington mall could have survived the new malls with better management.  Lane Ave. is great.  Worthington Mall has been floundering for years.  Worthington people will shop there.  The Talbots stores are proof of that.  There are a hand full of stores in the mall now.

The Kroger store too.  Worthington people will shop in Worthington if there is shopping in Worthington.  Making the Wilson Bridge Rd. area walkable is important though.

My office is just a hop skip and a jump from there but I avoid it.  I used to go to Kroger in Worthington more but I guess I don't necessarily go to the office much.  It is easier for me to get into and out of two Krogers outside 270 that are closer to home.

I moved to Columbus just after City Center opened and that was where I shopped.  I liked it lots more than Northland or Westland.  I wish they could have torn the roof off that... or part of that and made it viable.  Too too closed in.  It is so freaky that we have housing options in Downtown Columbus now but no shopping. 

I am excited about the green space in downtown Columbus though.  And there will be shopping in the area.

I shopped at Worthington Square Mall over the years though too much more accesible.  I think I will stop by there today.

Jack restaurants in Worthington...  I think it is interesting that they are dangling restaurants as bait.  I would think shops first  and then people eat in the restaurants at a mall but what do I know?  Worthington is a tough place on restaurants.... all of Central Ohio is. 

It will be exciting. I was excited two years ago when GE Capital bought the Mall in Worthington  too.... Tom Carter being local makes me think this could be a go.

Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) over 9 years ago

I have relatives just south of Columbus in Circleville and Hocking County.  I used to go up there 2-3 times a year growing up.  I remember going to City Center right after it opened.  That was when Marshall Fields was there. 

Downtown Atlanta is really about the same.  There are plenty of condos, but not much retail in the actual downtown.  The Macy's there closed in 2003.  It's currently being redeveloped, but nothing has really been announced for what is going in the space.  There are only a handful of cities now with downtown shopping still surviving.

Posted by Rodney Mason, VP of Mortgage Lending - AL, FL, GA, SC, & TN (Guaranteed Rate NMLS# 2611) over 9 years ago

I used to work in retailing, well in retail merchadising and management and the buying offices were in the downtown stores.  I know both of the downtown department stores I worked in, the store is gone....  in one case Green Bay WI,  the store is gone(? or maybe the store building is still there...) the mall is gone, the brand is gone.  I know the brand, that bought the brand that bought the company I worked for when I see it but I can not tell you the name of it...   The other the store is gone (no mall...  downtown Akron OH I don't believe they did a mall), the brand is gone swallowed up with mergers.  O'Neil's- > Kauffman's -> May Company -> Macy's.     I don't think there is a downtown Macy's.  I wonder what the old store is used for or if it was demolished.

I think we will get retail back in downtown Columbus, but it will be different than a suburban style mall wrapped around an old department store.  That only worked for so long...

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) over 9 years ago