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Real Living HomeGard Warranty

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***I am NOT HomeGard**** 

Please contact HomeGard at:

Coverage questions 1-800-521-8264

To File a Claim 1-866-607-9907


*** I am NOT HomeGard***

Real Living HomeGard Warranty

HomeGard of Ohio

There is a new feature in the  Real Living HomeGard Warranty for home buyers called  "Claim - No - Claim"  if the buyer  has not placed a claim in the first nine months of the first year coverage they are entitled to heating or air conditioning maintenance service.  Up to $100.00.

Not a bad feature...

"Even if nothing breaks, this warranty pays up to $100 toward an HVAC maintenance service."

Home warranties are relatively common feature of home sales in Central Ohio.  Often the seller has one in place on the listing to give the buyer peace of mind about the mechanical systems.  You certainly still want to do a home inspection but a home warranty can help.

Real Living HomeGard Warranty history

HomeGard® of Ohio has been around for a long time... since 1974.  I sad when we got an email that HomeGard® was changing in 2009.  HomeGard is operated by HMS a national home warranty company.   HomeGard® of Ohio was unique in that the company affiliated with Real Living HER (formerly HER Realtors®)  was locally owned and operated for years. 

HomeGard a new era begins

Real Living HomeGard Warranty with "Claim - No - Claim" maintenance - 2010

There are other changes to HomeGard, sump pumps and jetted bathtubs  are covered.

Visit the national HMS site for some additional  home maintenance tips


***I am NOT HomeGard**** 

Please contact HomeGard at:

Coverage questions 1-800-521-8264

To File a Claim 1-866-607-9907


*** I am NOT HomeGard***


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Comment balloon 3 commentsMaureen McCabe • March 01 2010 07:00AM


I did not deal directly with Real Living as my agent was with Coldwell Banker but the sellers of my home were working with Real Living and as a result my husband and I ended up with a Real Living Home Guard Home warranty. The home warranty is awful. Their top rated service person looked at our broken furnace twice and reported that it was in good condition (and it took weeks to do this). When the "top rated" service person didn't return my calls the second time it broke a much lower ranked service provider came to look at it. He took one look at it, condemned it and told me that he couldn't in good conscience tell me that it was ok to turn it back on again as he felt that it was not safe. He put in a claim but the warranty company is now refusing to replace our furnace with a unit that can be safely installed in the house. The 30+ year old unit that is in the house is too powerful and is vented through the 120+ year old chimney. As you can not install a 80% efficiency unit so that it vents directly and it is not to code nowadays to vent through this chimney the insurance company is telling me that my only option is to buy out (the amount of money that they are going to give me is nothing compared to how much it costs to replace the furnace). They flat out refuse to replace the unit with anything other than the type that is currently in the house even if I offer to pay the difference. Before they realized the condition of the chimney they were also going to find a company that would be willing to risk the lives of their workmen so that they could install a liner in my chimney (which has a high voltage power pole above it) despite the fact that the service provider who came out declined the job for safety reasons. For all those in the market for a house it might be more useful to get the money the seller would pay for this service rather than have this terrible, irresponsible company "fix" anything in your home. 

Posted by Leigh over 8 years ago

Sorry to hear all that Leigh, I'd urge you to speak directly to HMS HomeGard about your concerns, here is a link to the HMS site


Perhaps you've done that and are just roving the internet  because you and the insurer do not see eye to eye on the outcome and this seems like a way to punish them, but I am not HMS HomeGard and I won't lodge a complaint with them based on an anonymous comment.  I'm sorry I don't even understand a lot of your story. It sounds like you may have had some unrealistic expectations of what a home warranty (a form of insurance) can provide on a home.  

I'd be cross too.  Unexpected expenses make me cross.  Not getting what I want makes me cross. 

I am not HMS HomeGard... I was not the listing agent on your purchase, I was not your agent (I was with Coldwell Banker, great company!) long ago.  Many CB  listings offer a home warranty policy, I believe they are still using AHS.  Another home warranty from ABC is offered on a lot of homes in central Ohio. 

HMS HomeGard like other home warranty insurance companies contracts with companies to provide the service.  They don't do the furnace, AC, plumbing repairs themselves, so the home warranty company does not have a "top rated service person"

I believe home warranties are valuable to buyers and sellers. It is a form of insurance that has been used in a number of real estate transactions with a number of insurance companies over the years.  Of course there are always a certain percentage of people who are unhappy, but the vast majority think the $399 to $500 dollars is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives them. 

You might also want to read your policy. 

Again I am sorry to hear your tale.

I will still recommend the policy to sellers, it's not perfect but I would say most people are better for having a policy.  

You wrote: "For all those in the market for a house it might be more useful to get the money the seller would pay for this service rather than have this .... .... company "fix" anything in your home." Other than netting out the price of a home warranty and canceling the home warranty (if the seller has not used it during the listing period) I don't know how as a buyer you would work that with a mortgage.  I believe I did have a buyer "net out" the warranty once, he really, really did not believe in them and was able to negotitiate that with the seller.  He was a first time buyer but he felt he was handy enough to handle problems and did not think a home warranty should be a part of his purchase.  Maybe that would work for you on your next home purchase.

Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) over 8 years ago

I want to enroll the home warranty company

Posted by Bir Tiwari almost 3 years ago