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Worthington area condominiums

Worthington area condominiums crossword puzzle

Worthington area condominiums

The Worthington School District is larger than the City of Worthington.  Worthington area may mean near Worthington or in the Worthington School District but in the City of Columbus or a township, but these condominiums and the surrounding communities are all in the Worthington City School District. 

This crossword puzzle is mainly about the condominiums north of 270 in the Worthington School District and the surrounding area, shopping, schools, etc.  Worthington area condominiums


4.  The ____ Movie Theater in the Polaris area is at 1071 Gemini Place, Columbus OH 43240

6.  Another word for freestanding is___________

11.  There is a ______  grocery store south of Polaris Parkway in Polaris Town Center

13. The two story condos in Worthington Glen, Worthington Park and Worthington Woods are _______

16.  Park Road ________ School in the Worthington School District has a Westerville address, 500 Park Road, Westerville Ohio 43081.  The school is located in the City of Columbus...

17.  The east-west main road north of Park Road is called _______ Road.  The road runs from State Route 23 (High Street) to Worthington Galena Road.

20. The condo homes west of Sancus and north of Park Road where Old Richmond and Philadelphia are located in _______ Place Oaks*

24.  Worthington Heights Condo are the ______ condos east of Sancus off Modoc Road.  The definition from an on-line dictionary  "standing alone or on it's own foundation free of support or attachment"

26.  Many of the condos off of Sancus Boulevard are in the 43085  ____ code.

28. The condominiums off Sancus Boulevard in northern Franklin County are in the ________ School District

30. Most condos in the Sancus Boulevard area are _________

33.  Sancus ____________  runs from Worthington Galena Road up to the Polaris area, east of Polaris Fashion Place, the mall.

34. _____ Hill Elementary School is at 7625 Alta View Boulevard Worthington Ohio 43085

35.  If the wind blows from the south east or if it is very still you can smell the ___________ Brewery north of 270

36. Lazelle ____ Park a City of Columbus park is off Lazelle Road

37. The  store on the southwest corner of the intersection of Park Road and Worthington Galena Road is a CVS __________

38.  The Worthington area condominium neighborhoods north of 270 are between two Columbus Metro Parks, Sharon Woods Metro Park to the east and __________  Metro Park to the west



1.  The Kroger Grocery store, the library etc. south of Park Road and east of Worthington Galena Road are in a strip mall called Worthington ______  Centre*

2. ??????????????*

3.  Sometimes the Worthinglen Condominiums in the City of Worthington get confused with the Worthington area condominiums in the City of Columbus,  Worthington ____ Condos north of 270, off Sancus Boulevard.

5.   Attached condos have a common or ________ wall

7.  The condos off Sancus Boulevard south of Polaris Parkway are in the City of _________

8.  Polaris __________ Place is the name of the mall in Southern Delaware County where the Macy's, the Great Indoors and Saks Fifth Avenue are.  Close to Worthington area condominiums off Sancus and Lazelle Roads.

9.  The Crosswoods area is physically located in the City of ____________

10. Some of the Sancus area condos have a _________ for your car, others don't  Usually the end units do

12. From State Route 23 (N. High Street) if you turn on E. Campusview it becomes Worthington Woods when you cross over the _____ tracks

14.   Lakeloop off Sancus is in ___________ Lake Condos  which was built in the 1990's by Gemstar

15.  State Route 23 north of 270 is sometimes reffered to as N. High St. but it is also known as Columbus __________ Rd. or Pike????

18.  Free standing Worthington area condominiums Worthington Heights Condominiums were built by Qualstan in the 1980's have one story, two story and ________ floor plans

19.  The Worthington area condominiums and single family neighborhoods north of Park Road in the Worthington School District have a ____________ Ohio 43081 mailing address and they are in the City of Columbus

21.  The ____________ area off  High Street (23 North, north of 270) has lots of hotels, restaurants and the Marcus Cinema

22.  Worthington Woods _________ include condos on Annagladys, Worthington Woods Blvd. Pineway and more....

23.  The area north of 270 is considered the _____ North by the City of Columbus.

25.  The little City of Columbus Park on the west end of Park Road is called _________ Park after the little village that sat there historically, just east of a road by the same name  The Village of Forest Ridge are nearby Worthington area condominiums

27.  It used to be called Bank One but the huge bank building just north of Lazelle Road is now J.P. Morgan _____

29.  The itty bitty Park on Sancus Boulevard south of Park Road and North of Worthington Woods Blvd is called __________ Park

31. The _________ condos built by Romanelli and Hughes off Park Road just west of I71 are in the Columbus School District and the City of Columbus, they are surrounded by a development by the same name

32. The road that becomes Main Street in Worthington once you cross over I71 is called _________ Road west of I-71

This Worthington area condominiums crossword puzzle focuses on condominiums east of the Olentangy River and Route 23.

* Edited 7-20-2009

Mistakes?  I have no idea what #2 is.  The crossword puzzle was posted without a number two.  Number one was wrong....  

Suddenly I hate crossword puzzles!

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