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Chutnys at Crosswoods

Chutnys CrosswoodsChutnys is an Indian restaurant in the Crosswoods area just north of 270.  The Crosswoods area is in the City of Columbus in the Worthington area. 

Chutnys is at  195 E. Campusview Blvd., Columbus OH 43235 - Map

I wrote about Chutnys in March 2009.  It seems longer ago than that.   Crosswoods coming soon

We finally ate at  Chutnys last weekend. 

Chutnys is the site of my former favorite Central Ohio Indian restaurant, Tandoori Palace.  Tandoori Palace is where I fell in love with Indian food locally.  Sadly it closed after only a few years.

Chutnys at Crosswoods - Food

The sign at Chutnys says it is an "Authentic Indian Restaurant."   The menu said they make northern and southern Indian dishes.

We ate two dishes.  A lamb dish and a vegetarian dish.  The vegetarian dish is my old standby spinach and cheese.  Palak paneer?  I can not find a site for the restaurant online so I don't have access to their menu but I believe in some of the Indian Restaurants that is what my favorite dish (I think of it as Green Goo) isChutnys Crosswoods named.  

The food at Chutnys was spicier than I would usually eat.  Good but spicy.  The waiter had not asked us if we wanted "mild, medium or hot" as we are used to in some of the Columbus Indian restaurants we frequent.

The lamb dish ... I wish I could tell you the name.

We did not order dosas but that is one of Chutnys' specialities.  I could not have eaten anyway but most everyone around us ordered Chutnys' dosas (crepes.)  I don't remember being aware of dosas at other local Indian restaurants but I recognize now a North-west Columbus restaurant that specializes in dosas, I've heard of it.  Never ate there.... back to Chutnys.  Everytime some one would order a dosa we were hard pressed not to stare. 


Chutnys at Crosswoods - Service

We originally ordered the same thing, a lamb dish and the waiter was nice enough to come back and get us to reorder.  I don't believe either of us got what we originally ordered either, which is OK.  We ordered something off of the part of their menu that said Bar B Que (or something like that.)  I was very confused because I did not understand what the waiter was saying until our food arrived.

We changed the lamb dish to a similar dish with sauce and ordered my "in a rut" favorite food, the spinach and cheese dish I think is palak paneer.

I think the waiter was trying to get us to order one lamb dish with sauce and one without so we would not have massive quantity of one dish.  Thanks to our waiter for keeping us from making that mistake.

Chutnys at Crosswoods - Restaurant -  The current owners have warmed up the restaurat.  As much as I loved Tandoori Palace the restaurant gave me the chills.  I needed to bundle up to go out to dinner there. Winter, spring, summer or fall, I always felt cold.  The big plate glass window across the front now has some window covering now which really should not do much but the "verticals"  break up that window.  We were seated along the east wall so we were not right at the window which made me happy.

I believe it is more the paint colors and decorating that warms up Chutnys for me.  The present owners of the Crosswoods Indian restaurant have used warmer colors and lots of metal decorations on the wall copper or bronze.  It does not look as crisp and clean as Tandoori Palace did, but it is warmer.

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