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Fall Garden Planning

Our Central Ohio leaves are starting to change.

Sharing some gardening inspiration from June Piper-Brandon a Maryland real estate agent.  This is a Re-Blog!


Fall is a special time in the garden.  I personally love the fall, love the cooler weather, crispy days, the bounty of the summer labors and most of all I love the fall colors.  But don't put away your garden tools just yet.  Fall is the perfect time to plant cool-season crops and get a head start on the landscaping for next year.  And, if you are planning on selling your home next year (and hopefully the market will have improved by then) you'll want to prepare the outside of your home as well as the inside.

Fall brings with it relief from the heat, humidity and intense sunshine.  Many of the annoying pests of the summer also go away in the fall which (for me anyway) means I can enjoy my time in the garden more.  When you are choosing plants for fall keep in mind autumn bloomers like Joe Pye Weed, Autumn Fire and Black Eyed Susans which add color and fill in patchy areas and keep your garden lush later into the growing season.

If you like Perennial flowers that come back year after year you will want to choose plants that will be in their glory in the autumn months like the ones mentioned above.  Many of the great fall perennials start to bloom during the summer months and continue into the fall.  Russian Sage has spikes of purple flowers mixed in with spiky silvery foliage.  This great perennial grows in large mounds and blooms from July well into September.  Other traditional favorites are Mums and Asters that come back year after year and add great bursts of color through the fall.  If you regularly deadhead flowers in your gaden  they will continue to bloom until the first frost and add cheery color to your  yard. 

Fill in the empty patches with annuals like pansies that add that little something.  Pansies are great for spring and for later fall to add variety and change in your garden. 

As in spring, fall gardening begins with soil preparation.  Start by putting the remnants of your summer garden to bed.  Pull up vegetable plants and old vines, and then apply an inch or so of compost to the garden.  Add a thick blanket of mulch to conserve soil moisture and deter weeds from sneaking back in. 

In warmer climates, there's still time to set out fast-maturing, cool season vegetables like radishes, spinach and lettuce.  These vegetables grow best in the cool temperatures.  If you have a cold frame,  you can even extend the growing season into the late fall or early winter.  Many herbs also love the cool weather, especially chives, parlsey, savory, cilantro, rosemary and sage. 

Landscaping adds value to your home and curb appeal and this goes a long way to getting the home buyers off the street and into your driveway and ultimately in your home. 

If you are thinking about buyer or selling a home, consider giving me a call.  I'll be happy to walk you through the home buying and home selling process.

June Piper-Brandon, Broker - Advance Realty Anne Arundel - http://www.gb-advancerealtyusa.com



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