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Worthington, Ohio history

Worthington, Ohio: 1939 is another of the historic photos in Don O'Brien's  Flickr Photostream. 

Worthington Village Green 1938

The car is a 1939 Packard ambulance according to O'Brien's notes. The owner according to O'Brien was S. E. Corbin and Son Funeral Directors, so it is a hearse?  Ambulance and hearse were the same thing?

In the background you can see the Worthington Village Green, St. John's Episcopal Church and an little bit of the Kilbourne Building which would have been the Worthington Library in 1939.

I'd assume Don took the photo in early December.  No snow.  A picture across the Worthington Green would be white today in 2009, but the snow came after Christmas Day.

Worthington, Ohio history

Don O'Brien's Flikr Photostream is a great place to see Worthington Ohio in the 1930 and 1940's (link below.)   This picture was taken in December 1939 for a full page advertisement for the funeral home in the Worthington News.

More about Worthington, Ohio history:

Worthington, Ohio history

Old Worthington the Old Worthington neighborhood today was the original Village of Worthington which was settled in 1803.  The Village had not grown much (at all?)  by the time Don O'Brien was growing up in the Worthington area in the 1930's and 1940's.

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Worthington, Ohio history
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