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Neighborhoods on Realtor.com

ActiveRainers if your city is a featured City on R.com Neighborhoods (list below) did you look to see what R.com is telling the public about neighborhoods and pricing your your market?  Accurate?

Realtor.com Neighborhoods- Including a video about Neighborhoods.

I wondered why Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and Pittsburgh were not on the list of  "Featured Cities" on Realtor.com but one area with less than 3000 listings is.  If I may borrow a line from Sesame Street "One of these things is not like the others."  

Featured Cities on R.com Neighborhoods













Kansas City   

Las Vegas

Los Angeles  





New York 






San Antonio

San Diego

San Francisco

San Jose 



Thousand Oaks


Washington D.C.

Did you pick out which one of those things is not like the other.  Do you think they did that one first?  R.com Neighborhoods is an "ALPHA" does that mean R.com Neighborhoods is not as advanced as BETA? R.com is rougher than a BETA?  Not as ready?

Maybe Ceveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and Pittsburgh are lucky they are not on the map.

Mainly R.com Neighborhoods is just real estate by ZIP code in Central Ohio. Buyers think I want to buy a home in Worthington or Dublin... or I want to buy a home in Worthington Schools or Dublin Schools.  Are they going to find a search that cobbles together distinctly different neighborhoods common only in ZIP code and find useful information?  I don't believe I have ever heard a buyer express I am looking for a home in 43085, or 43017.  ZIP codes in our area are bizarre, school district boundaries are irregular.  Giving consumers average pricing by ZIP code seems absurd to me. City services in Central Ohio are not uniform across a ZIP code.

Localism has a better list of Columbus neighborhoods than R.com does. R.com Neighborhoods are mostly cities, suburbs of Columbus like Westerville, Worthington, Dublin, Powell, Upper Arlington.  Grandview Heights made the list three times or maybe the third one is City of Columbus neighborhoods near Grandview Heights.  I know Trulia.com had a Grandview, Grandview Heights confusion going on early on too.  Not sure if Trulia ever  resolved their Grandview confusion.

Of course R.com hopes Realtors and ordinary people are going to build the neighborhoods for them. What is the incentive to do so?

I have found a bunch of bizarre things locally on R.com Neighborhoods. Parts of Powell in the wrong county.  Clintonville is in Summit County (the Akron area.) A "neighborhood" it is a city really in Hamilton County (Cinci area.)  Then there seem to be areas that were made up, bundled together and given names.  I wrote about R.com Neighborhoods on my other blog, ColumbusBestBlog.com a few times this week.

Where is Powell Ohio? R.com is way off on home prices, they are just using the 43065 ZIP code as a neighborhood.  The map shows Delaware County and Franklin County as Powell. 

What's Worthington? R.com has a lower than reality home price.  R.com is using the 43085 ZIP so saying the Worthington neighborhood includes some City of Columbus homes in the Worthington School District, but not all Worthington Ohio homes because many are in other ZIP codes.

Clintonville Neighborhood R.com identifies Clintonville as Summit County (Akron area) R.com used the Clintonville Beechwold areas plus all the surrounding smaller neighborhoods in the MLS area.  Or did they just use the Clintonville and Beechwold ZIP codes?

Clintonville Average Price Pricing is distorted.



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Neighborhoods on Realtor. com
ActiveRainers if your city is a featured City on R. com Neighborhoods (list below) did you look to see what R. com is telling the public about neighborhoods and pricing your your market? Accurate? Realtor. com Neighborhoods - Including a video… more