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OH NO not puppies!

Buddy as a pupDog lovers beware! 

ActiveRain dog lovers include .... Toby and Sadie

Jonathan and Tobey

Elaine and Murphy

Ginger and Bella.... Ginger and Bella... I can't use Ginger and Roger's ActiveRain profile page because I don't want anyone to confuse Roger and Bella.  Both Roger and Bella are adorable of course. 

The list goes on....Jay and Daisy (Daisy's really Teresa and Boomer Jack's dog but they share Daisy with their neighbors.) 

About 6:30 yesterday we were playing in our office backyard with the neighbor dogs. YOUR real estate office doesn't have a huge green backyard where the neighbors bring their dogs to play ball and frisbee?  Neighbor dogs, Popcorn (a bichon)  and Linus (a long tailed boxer mix... really a pretty wonderful, comical dog) were running around chasing a ball while their owners talked to three of us... Eric, Elaine and me.  

That's my dog Buddy when he was younger pictured above....

Yesterday in our office backyard we talked about dogs, finished basements, dog DNA, picture framing, dog shelters, remodeling homes, dogs, our office meeting, dogs, the neighborhood, dogs, dogs, dogs and puppies... as Linus and Popcorn rolled in the grass and chased the ball around the office's back yard...

Maybe the story on the radio as I was leaving the office, going home to my dog Buddy, long since grown up ..... a story about Nigerian scams using puppies hit me harder because I was just talking about dogs.  Oh how could they?  NOT puppies!  

Dog lovers beware, the latest Nigerian 419 scam uses puppies!  Real estate and greed was one thing but those Nigerian scammers are going too far when they start using puppies on the internet to lure Americans to send them money. Child predators learned the value of a puppy... you don't even need a puppy, just the story of a lost puppy works to get attention and lure an unsuspecting victim away from reality. 

"Bulldogs too good to be true"! says: "So goes a new scam, one that preys on pet lovers, especially those with Christian sympathies and a penchant for stranded puppies."

"Offering puppies is the newest twist in Nigeria scam" from the Seattle Times  English Bulldog puppies  because of their high price tag seem to be the best bait but Googling for Nigerian puppies I found other breeds too. 

Wikipedia's entry about the 419 scams(advance pay schemes) acknowledges the scammers have discovered the power of a puppy.  The Seattle Times story says the council of Better Business Bureaus and the American Kennel Club were addressing this issue yesterday.   

AcitveRain Dog Lovers Groups include: 

It's Raining DOGS! Dog Lovers Group

Pet friendly real estate

Cats and dogs

The real estate scams have been on ActiveRain since the beginning, but here are just the latest I could find: 

Nigerian Bank Scam and SPAM on Active Rainfrom David and Tonya Kucic

Nigerian transferee... from Kristal

Be Aware Of All Of The Scams Targeting Realtors!!! from John Cain

Maureen Staccato was right about Nigerian scams, they are getting more sophisticated  but puppies?


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OH NO not puppies!
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